In January 2024, the Technical University, the Institute of Control Systems and the Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan signed an historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the implementation of joint research activities. The purpose of the MoU is to establish and develop further relationship between the three parties, to implement and improve joint scientific research activities  and to define the framework of cooperation in areas of mutual interest. The event was presided over by the vice-president of ANAS and general director of the Institute of Information Technology, Academician Rasim Alguliyev, the director of the State Agency for Science and Higher Education, Professor Ulkar Sattarova, the Deputy Director of the State Agency for Science and Higher Education, Professor Aminagha Sadigov, the general director of the Institute of Control Systems, Academician Ali Abbasov, the rector of Azerbaijan Technical University, Professor Vilayat Valiyev and saw the participation of representatives from Azerbaijani universities and research institutes.

Prior to the meeting, all participants were invited to visit the AzScienceNet Network Operation Center, where Babak Nabiyev, Head of the AzScienceNet NOC, gave a presentation on the Data Center and the services provided. Additionally, further talks took place on the implementation of eduroam, eduGAIN and other services at the universities by AzScienceNet via the EU-funded EaPConnect  project.

In his speech, Rasim Alguliyev commented that the joint management of science and education, as well as the efficient use of science’s potential together with the integration of Azerbaijani science into world science, need to be essential components of the country’s policy.

“Establishing and growing a new cooperation between institutions, exchanging personnel and experience and supporting the advancement and funding of science through joint projects are our key objectives”.

Rasim Alguliyev, General director of IIT

“The measures that will be implemented within the framework of the MoU will support the integration of science and education, the preservation and advancement of the existing scientific potential in the country, as well as the development of highly qualified personnel with the improvement of the education curriculum in HE institutions”.

Ulkar Sattarova, Director of the State Agency for Science and Higher Education

Professor Sattarova underlined that the agency is ready to provide the assistance required to strengthen collaboration between research institutes and universities, as well as to establish new mechanisms for the funding of science.

Aminagha Sadigov, Deputy Director of the State Agency for Science and Higher Education highlighted the importance of MoU in the context of the protection of the potential of scientific institutions, and emphasised the significance of focusing on a single objective.

In his speech, Ali Abbasov, director general of the Institute of Control Systems, added that the MoU is crucial for the sharing of ideas and experience between Azerbaijan Technical University personnel and research institutes, for the creation of a favourable environment for joint activities, as well as for the application in real life of the results of scientific research.

The Rector of the Technical University of Azerbaijan, Vilayat Valiyev, praised the actions that will be carried out in accordance with the MoU as a significant step forward towards the improvement of the quality of teaching, staff training as well as the execution of collaborative research projects.