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Visibility & Engagement

EaPConnect works to ensure the long-term sustainability of its partners and its results, raising their visibility and showing their value through its communications, outreach and engagement activities.

These activities include:

  • developing a team of skilled marketing and communications professionals among the project partners and integrating them with their peers from other NRENs around the world;
  • participating in events and Special Interest Groups that are organised outside the project;
  • reaching out to researchers and other potential users to understand and engage with their needs and offer solutions;
  • supporting partner needs to engage with policy makers, funders and other stakeholders.

Interacting with research communities that are potential users of our networks and services is a growing focus of activity. Partners are becoming increasingly involved in the international exchange of best practices in this area, and within EaPConnect, this work is becoming more structured and will build upon past successes with our regional ‘Enlighten Your Research’ Programme.

Enlighten Your Research

The Enlighten Your Research (EYR) programme promotes the use of computer network resources to foster international research and collaborations. To further promote the benefits of these resources, EYR challenges researchers to stretch the boundaries of their work and collaborate with other countries enabled by the national research and education network (NREN) infrastructures, services and support.

EYR was originated by SURF, the Dutch national research and education network, within the Netherlands. It later became a global programme with calls for project proposals in various world regions. EaPConnect has been running EYR calls and projects in the Eastern Partnership (EYR@EaP) since 2016, with a record-breaking response and more than 20 projects selected for support by project partners.

Enlighten Your Research 2019

Fourteen proposals were submitted for EYR@EaP2019 and seven winning projects were announced during the 4th Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference. Winning proposals covered a range of research areas – relating to cultural.

Enlighten Your Research 2018

The 3rd Enlighten Your Research (EYR) programme for the Eastern Partnership – EYR@EaP2018 – received a record number of submitted proposals (37). Seven winning projects were announced during the 3rd Eastern Partnership E-infrastructure Conference – EaPEC 2018 –  in Chisinau.

Enlighten Your Research 2017

More than 30 project proposals were submitted for the 2017 Enlighten Your Research programme call in the Eastern Partnership region (EYR@EaP2017). Six winning projects were announced during the 2nd Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures.

Enlighten Your Research 2016

The first Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference – EaPEC 2016 – featured the presentation of the first EaP regional Enlighten Your Research (EYR) awards. Project proposals were from all six partner.