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Through EaPConnect, partners offer a portfolio of advanced services that can be used by connected institutions and their researchers, academics and students in the five Eastern Partnership countries.

Connectivity & network management

World-class network facilities and access for the research and education community.


High-bandwidth, high-speed international connectivity

Working with the five partner EaP NRENs and GÉANT, EaPConnect procures and provisions fibre and optical network infrastructure and associated equipment, and ensures that they are integrated with the pan-European GÉANT network services.

Access in the EaP region:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine


Real-time, multi-domain performance monitoring

PerfSONAR (performance Service Oriented Network monitoring ARchitecture) is a toolkit for running performance tests across multiple network domains, which helps to identify and isolate network problems. Widely used by the research and education networking community, PerfSONAR is deployed on approximately 2100 publicly registered hosts, in more than 300 domains around the world (figures as of March 2017).

Access in the EaP region:
Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

Trust, identity & security

Secure access to services and federated identity systems to enable efficient collaboration.


Seamless Wi-Fi access for research and education around the world

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, easy-to-use, world-wide WiFi roaming service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop or activating their device. The service is now available in tens of thousands of locations across more than 100 countries. eduroam support, development and promotion in Europe is provided through the GÉANT (GN5-1) Project.

Access in the EaP region:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine


Unlocking global research and education collaboration

eduGAIN enables simple, secure, single-sign-on access to thousands of educational services and resources worldwide. With eduGAIN participants from more than 2,800 identity providers accessing services from 1,740 service providers, eduGAIN is the primary mechanism to interfederate for research and education collaboration around the world. eduGAIN support, development and promotion in Europe is provided through the GÉANT (GN4-3) Project.

Access in the EaP region:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine


Securing access for remote staff and students

eduVPN is the Virtual Private Network service for research and education. eduVPN provides easy-to-use, secure access to public and private networks.

Access in the EaP region:


Increasing online security by facilitating the deployment of digital certificates

TCS – GÉANT’s Trusted Certificate Service – takes advantage of a bulk purchasing arrangement whereby participating national research and education networking organisations (NRENs) may issue close to unlimited numbers of certificates provided by a commercial Certification Authority at a significantly reduced price.

Access in the EaP region:

Clouds & storage

From large-scale computing facilities to personalised storage, the cloud offers a range of opportunities.


Transferring large files quickly, securely and easily

FileSender is a web-based application that allows authenticated users to securely and easily send arbitrarily large files to other people, free of charge. FileSender is developed to the requirements of the higher education and research community. The software is not intended as a permanent file publishing platform.

Access in the EaP region:
Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine

GÉANT Cloud Services

Supporting cloud collaboration in the research and education community

Cloud services empower users to select and use the services they really want, in an easy and often economically attractive manner.​ ​Research and education organisations can become more agile, facilitating dynamic collaborations between teams and across borders. GÉANT is helping NRENs to deliver cloud services to their communities, with the right conditions of use. It is also engaging with existing NREN brokerages to promote an efficient and coordinated approach, by building on existing experience and supplier relationships. EaPConnect partners participate in these activities and provide cloud services in their countries.

Access in the EaP region:
Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine

Storage & Compute

Providing solutions that meet user needs

EaPConnect supports its partners in the provision of data storage and compute facilities for specific user needs. If you need this kind of support, please contact your country’s NREN to make enquiries.

Real-time communication

Supporting online communication and collaboration in real time for education, research and the arts.


Low latency audio-visual streaming

This data transmission system combined with high-capacity research and education networks allows performing artists to work and perform together in real time, even when they are physically distant from each other, e.g. in different countries.

LoLa was developed by the Italian NREN GARR in collaboration with Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini, Trieste, and has been in use in music schools in Europe, North America and elsewhere for teaching, masterclasses, rehearsals and performances since its first public demonstration in 2010. In the EaP countries it has been used for concerts and masterclasses.

Access in the EaP region:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine


Simple web-based videoconferencing for online learning

This low-cost, easy-to-use service offers videoconferencing for small to medium sized groups such as school classes working together online. eduMEET is available as a stand-alone tool or as part of openUp2U. It has proved invaluable during COVID-19 restrictions in Ukraine.

Access in the EaP region:
Moldova, Ukraine