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Researchers, academics, students and others in the research and education community need tailor-made Internet networks.

These specialist networks are needed to:

  • Exchange data and access online services and resources securely, reliably & cost-effectively.
  • Participate in international collaborations that raise their experience and visibility levels, grow their network of contacts and allow them to contribute their expertise on the world stage.
  • Increase the opportunities and knowledge available to people living in remote areas.

NRENs (National Research and Education Networks) offer such internet networks that provide connectivity and services specifically for research and education.

Working with the six partner EaP NRENs and GÉANT, EaPConnect procures and provisions fibre and optical network infrastructure and associated equipment, and integrates them with the pan-European GÉANT network. This ensures the logical integration of EaP countries into the European research area, and onward connectivity with other world regions.

To become a user of the EaPConnect network infrastructure you should speak to your local NREN.

Contact an NREN See our FAQ