The Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia, ASNET-AM, hosted eduroam® training with the aim of getting the educational roaming service up and running in more locations in Armenia. Connecting Armenian researchers and educators to eduroam is a key priority for ASNET-AM, the Armenian national research and education network (NREN).

The two-day training event in Yerevan was organised by the GÉANT Learning and Development (GLAD) team and the Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project as part of activities to ensure ASNET-AM is confident in providing and supporting eduroam in its community.

To facilitate and speed up the eduroam uptake process, knowledge transfer was arranged between GÉANT Project (GN4-2) experts and ASNET-AM with the help of the Expert Scheme of the GN4-2 Capabilities Building Programme. In this instance, the expertise was provided by the Project’s teams on Trust & Identity, and Multi Domain Services, with particular contributions from CARNet/Srce (Croatia) and AMRES (Serbia).

The second day was dedicated to elaborating on the technical parts of the service, empowering participants with useful information and skills in eduroam implementation.

Miro Milinović of Srce presenting eduroam training, hosted by ASNET-AM, ©IIAP NAS RA

The training attracted around 50 participants, not only from different Armenian institutions, but also from the NRENs of EaPConnect partner countries from the Eastern Partnership (EaP) region. The event was held under the auspices of the Computer Science and Information Technologies (CSIT 2017) international conference, on 25-26 September 2017.

Further information:

The eduroam service is available in thousands of locations across more than 70 territories worldwide; ASNET-AM supports and operates the eduroam service on a national level in Armenia.

The registered trademark for eduroam® in Europe is held by the GÉANT organisation, which also helps to promote the deployment of the service.

Visit the websites of eduroam, ASNET-AMEaPConnect, CSIT 2017, and the GÉANT Project, and see the ASNET-AM eduroam training event poster & schedule.