A new platform with scientific presentations from the 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Information Processing – PRIP 2021 – has been launched by UIIP NASB. The United Institute of Informatics Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus hosted the event online on 21-24 September 2021 to address how Artificial Intelligence has become entwined in our daily lives. Under the conference theme “Artificial Intelligence: Facing the Challenges”, researchers, engineers and representatives from the GÉANT community of national research and education networks (NRENs) came together to discuss basic and applied sciences in the field of pattern recognition and information processing and the latest developments in machine learning and computer vision.

With still no consensus on whether all tasks can be solved using these technologies, PRIP 2021 raised the issues of ethics, the modern information society, and cybernetics.

The event featured a ‘GÉANT Session’ sub-event that included 7 inspiring talks about EU projects, Artificial Intelligence #AI, and its application in different areas as well as insights about the GÉANT network and organisation and the EU-funded EaPConnect project.

A panel discussion on ‘AI Issues and the Modern Information Society: Education, Science, Business, and Legislation’ asked whether artificial intelligence should be regulated. Is there a need for a complete ban on its use in some cases?









of live streaming

With 75 speakers from 18 countries PRIP 2021 generated more than 30 hours of live streaming and proceedings from 143 co-authors.

“We are dreaming not only to save impressions of the conference in your minds and hearts but also to have a worthy digital footprint. We came up with a new concept and slightly updated the website design, keeping all the materials of the event. Walk through the pages and sections, refresh your memories by reviewing the presentations, learn the ideas of the plenary speakers, their bios, and, for your convenience, the proceedings section is provided with a transparent search of the papers available for download separately.”

Alexei Belotserkovsky, UIIP NASB - BASNET, spearheaded PRIP 2021 organisation
PRIP 2021 online, ©UIIP NASB
End of PRIP 2021, ©UIIP NASB

Alexei Belotserkovsky of UIIP NASB – BASNET, who moderated PRIP 2021, handed on the task of hosting the next PRIP event to Alexander Nedzved of Belarusian State University with his customary enthusiasm.

We hope our event will give a new impetus for your research and its presentation at the next PRIP conferences.”

Alexei Belotserkovsky, UIIP NASB - BASNET, PRIP 2021 Moderator

See the PRIP 2021 programme and for more information about navigation on the PRIP 2021 conference platform, see the website news section.

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