Around 300 patients are examined and imaged per day, with a much smoother experience enhancing the quality of the service they receive. Around 500 doctors are able to access these data direct from their place of work, without printing radiographic images on expensive consumables, so the overall costs of medical examinations are reduced.”

Natalia Golubev, Emergency Medicine Institute (Chisinau), Moldova, Head of IT Department

Many fields of medicine rely on imaging internal body structures and tissues as a tool to aid clinical analysis, diagnosis and treatment. But collecting, storing, and accessing medical images that are integrated with the medical records of individual patients in hospital information systems is a challenge.

With the support of EaPConnect, the Moldovan NREN, RENAM, provides Internet network infrastructure, computer processing and storage for the Emergency Medicine Institute in Chisinau, which caters to the imaging data needs of medical professionals. RENAM has provided 2 DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) portals and 6 DICOM servers to handle the generation, storage and usage of medical images, which has grown during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full story on the In The Field site.