In March 2024, students at the Baku Academy of Music attended a remote masterclass held at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre by the famous Lithuanian violinist and teacher Dainius Puodziukas.

The lesson, jointly organised by AzScienceNet NOC of the Institute of Information Technology and the Baku Academy of Music, took place thanks to the audiovisual broadcasting system LoLa (LOw LAtency).

During the master class, Mr. Puodziukas shared his knowledge of the violin and his expertise and experience as a violinist and was able to demonstrate to the Azerbaijani students how to play the violin in the simplest possible way.

“LoLa’s deployment was made possible by GÉANT’s high-speed internet connectivity through EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities (EaPConnect) project. This technology offers great opportunities to musicians and the musical institutions from the EaP countries. It enables the BMA to host master classes led by other musicians for students without requiring them to travel. Judging from the success of this experience, I think that it may be advantageous to use this technology for other purposes as well.”

Rasim Alguliyev, General director of IIT

About LoLa

LoLa is a project developed by Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Tartini from Trieste (Italy) in collaboration with GARR, the Italian Research and Academic Network. By connecting artists who are physically located in remote locations with cutting-edge network services offered by GEANT, NRENs, and other international backbones, the LoLa project allows real-time musical performances.

LoLa was officially deployed for the first time at the Baku Academy of Music at the “Connecting traditions” concert with the participation of Azerbaijani and Estonian musicians in December 2019. The event took place as a result of cooperation between AzScienceNet and AzEduNet, Azerbaijan Education Network, Baku Academy of Music named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli, the Estonian Research and Education Network (HITSA EENet), the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) and the Italian Research and Education Network (GARR).