The Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova (RENAM) continues its mission to advance the communication and information infrastructure for the research and education community across the country. The latest development is the expansion of the eduroam service to the Gregory Tsamblak State University in Taraclia. This move ensures that students and researchers at the university’s premises can now enjoy secure and convenient internet access.

RENAM had already installed and configured ten access points in the university building and an additional 12 in the student dormitory, in the beginning of 2023. These access points seamlessly connect users to the eduroam network, providing reliable Wi-Fi coverage in study areas and residential facilities.

The success of this service expansion owes much to the expertise of RENAM specialists. They meticulously designed the network, considering the unique architecture of both the university building and the dormitory. Their goal was to achieve comprehensive coverage across all classrooms and common areas. Working closely with university staff, RENAM specialists ensured a smooth installation process, coordinating the necessary infrastructure adjustments and equipment setup.

This event marks another major milestone in RENAM’s commitment to advancing education and research connectivity in Moldova: the eduroam service, by enabling effortless connectivity, will foster collaboration and knowledge exchange in the country and across borders.

“Our professors, when visiting universities in Moldova and abroad, can now rely on eduroam. This is so useful and convenient as it eliminates the need to ‘hunt’ for internet connections during such visits. Additionally, since the beginning of 2024, eduroam connectivity has also been beneficial to our participation in the Erasmus+ project: our lecturers have used it when travelling to Europe. We commend RENAM for their prompt and efficient support in addressing any issues encountered throughout the process.”

Andrei Miculischii, Head of the Information Technology Department, Gregory Tsamblak State University in Taraclia,

What Is eduroam?

eduroam (short for “education roaming”) is a global Wi-Fi roaming service specifically designed for the international research and education community. Employees and researchers from various institutions can seamlessly connect to the eduroam network when visiting other participating campuses. Whether using a laptop, mobile phone, or any other device, users can access the internet securely without the hassle of searching for local networks.

With more than 10,000 eduroam hotspots across more than 100 countries eduroam users from Moldova can freely access the internet abroad – whether they are participating in the Erasmus+ international exchange programme, a scientific conference or a collaboration.

Bringing new institutions to the eduroam network contributes to their transformation and improvement, eduroam users benefit from uninterrupted service, accessing the content they need, increasing their mobility and improving their digital access.

The eduroam service expansion is supported by the EU-funded project ‘EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities (EaPConnect)’.