A connectivity upgrade between RENAM, the National Research & Education Network in Moldova and GÉANT, was recently carried out at the GÉANT network PoP in Chisinau. The upgrade doubled RENAM’s network capacity from 2×10 Gbps to 2×20 Gbps and has been possible due to EU funding received via the EaPConnect project. RENAM (alongside GRENA, ASNET-AM, URAN and AzScienceNet) is one of the EaPConnect project beneficiaries.

After successful testing the upgrade went live on 1 July 2022.

RENAM’s end-users –  researchers, university personnel and students – operating on the RENAM network depend on the reliability and availability of the country’s Research & Education network connectivity to carry out successfully and smoothly their research activities and everyday responsibilities and tasks.

This important milestone will enable the RENAM  network to deal with the increasing growth of external traffic. Such increase has been caused by the growing number of research and medical institutions connected to the RENAM network, the increasing integration of new campuses and student dormitories into RENAM optical backbone infrastructure and the extension of the eduroam Wi-Fi infrastructure.

The network upgrade removes connection bottlenecks between the RENAM and GÉANT networks and improves access to external information resources for all end-users.

The implementation of this upgrade is the result of the EaPConnect project activities and close collaboration between the specialist teams of RENAM’s Network Operations Centre and GÉANT’s Operations Centre.