The music education and performing arts community in Moldova will be able to rehearse, audition, learn and perform online thanks to technical cooperation between the Belarusian and Moldovan national research and education networks – BASNET and RENAM. Meeting on 4-8 October 2021, representatives of BASNET and RENAM took significant steps towards Moldovan use of LoLa data transmission technology, which has been provided through the EU-funded EaPConnect project.

LoLa (low latency audio visual streaming) technology, provided to the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chisinau, enables real-time musical exchanges between artists who are physically located in remote sites, connected by advanced network services. However, the equipment needed connection, additional tuning and testing. These were the principal tasks identified for the attention of Alexandr Volkovich of BASNET during the October visit to Chisinau.

A.Volkovich and M.Afanasiev at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chisinau, ©RENAM

With significant expertise in music and sound engineering and with BASNET’s similar LoLa set-up in Belarus – also provided through EaPConnect, Alexandr Volkovich shared his knowledge with RENAM’s Network Operations Center staff and with composer Mihail Afanasiev of the Academy. This was a great opportunity for Moldovan representatives to get practical help, to develop their LoLa deployment skills, and to gain insights into LoLa optimisation. Five days of intensive work were focused on crucial issues to configure the equipment, analyse and review the use of the system’s different settings and modes, and carry out test connections.

The collaboration also created the personal contacts that will support use of LoLa by the Moldovan musical community in future:

We established friendly relationships with Alexandr Volkovich during the first EaPConnect project, and with this follow-up. I would like to express my enormous gratitude for his highly professional and dedicated assistance. I look forward to working with Alexandr again on LoLa technology concert preparation.”

Mihail Afanasiev, Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts (Chisinau), Composer

The visit concluded with recommendations regarding network improvements that RENAM should implement in order to support LoLa requirements. This gives RENAM a perspective on the next steps to take towards completing LoLa provision for its music and performing arts community.