The Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, needs to strengthen cooperation between the AzScienceNet science network and the GÉANT Association, says Academician-Secretary of ANAS, Academician Rasim Alguliyev. IIT of ANAS held a meeting between staff and Acad. Alguliyev, who is the institute’s director, to discuss outcomes of the 3rd Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference, EaPEC 2018, which was organised by the European Union-funded EaPConnect project, led by GÉANT, and RENAM, the Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova.

Acad. Alguliyev said that the conference, which was held in Chisinau, Moldova, on 17-18 October 2018, promotes cooperation between research and education communities in the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine).

The scientist also touched on the introduction of LoLa (Low Latency) audio visual streaming technology in Azerbaijan, which will allow people to communicate with each other from a distance and support collaboration and education in the performing arts.

Acad. Alguliyev emphasised the importance for Azerbaijani scientific and educational institutions to make effective use of support available through the EaPConnect project and for the institute’s employees to participate in conferences organised by GÉANT and in EaPConnect project activities.