Yerevan, the vibrant capital of Armenia, recently played host to a technology workshop organised for professionals and experts from the international research and education community interested in the latest advancements in networking and cloud infrastructure.

The hybrid event kicked off with a warm welcome from the hosting organisation ASNET-AM, the Armenian NREN. It was attended by network professionals, administrators and researchers from NRENs who were encouraged to explore the potential of virtualisation technologies and network monitoring opportunities within the context of research and education networking.

One of the workshop sessions focussed on the WiFiMon service by GÉANT. Participants were able to explore the comprehensive features and capabilities of WiFiMon; in particular this session showed how WiFiMon empowers users to monitor and analyse WiFi network performance in real time, providing valuable insights into signal strength, link quality, bit rate and other technical parameters. Through interactive exercises and demonstrations, participants gained practical experience utilising WiFiMon to manage and optimise WiFi network performance proactively.

The following presentation focussed on the network management services offered by the Armenian NREN including an overview of the local context. It also featured an immersive session on Network Management as a Service (NMaaS) which offers a portfolio of network management applications.

The workshop served as a dynamic platform for participants to explore and understand the transformative power of WiFiMon, NMaaS and the advantages and benefits of GÉANT’s Cloud Infrastructure services.  The event showcased the potential of these services, and set the stage for continued advancements in networking, network monitoring and cloud infrastructure.

Throughout the workshop, interactive sessions provided participants with opportunities to ask questions, share experiences and engage in lively discussions. The event created a collaborative environment for the exchange of ideas and expertise and breaks allowed participants to connect and foster new potential collaborations. We are pleased to share that some of the participating institutions from Moldova, Greece and Serbia voiced their interest in the deployment of WiFiMon in their organisations.

With WiFiMon, users can feel, see and understand their WiFi and empower their connectivity where every signal tells a story and seamless networks become a secure reality.

Elisantila Gaci, WiFiMon Service Manager, RASH

Many thanks to all presenters, to WiFiMon team members, who made this event possible, and to Hrachya Astsatryan, ASNET-AM Director and Robert Tadevosyan from the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems (IIAP) for their support, their warm welcome and kind hospitality.