The Belarusian research and education networking organisation BASNET presented an overview of its networking infrastructure and services including connectivity to GÉANT during TIBO-2018, the 25th International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies and exhibition.

The United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National academy of Sciences and representatives of BASNET participated in the event, which is held annually in Belarus and provides a meeting platform for the exchange of information about the latest achievements and innovative practices in the field of information technologies.

Over the years TIBO has repeatedly confirmed its title as leader among exhibition events in the Republic of Belarus based on the scale of the exhibition and the number of visitors and reputable participants.

This year, TIBO demonstrated achievements in robotics, new mobile services and applications, information technologies for the urban sector and housing services, geoinformation and navigation technologies. Organisers focused on supporting start-ups and popularising IT among young people.

More than 100 companies representing products from 15 countries (Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Japan) took part in the TIBO-2018 exhibition, which was held on 15-18 May 2018.

In presenting the National Academy of Sciences, BASNET gave an overview of its networking infrastructure and main services including eduroam, eduGAIN, perfSONAR, LoLa (LowLatency audio-video streaming technology) and connectivity to GÉANT, and their implementation for research and education communities.