The main objective of ‘Computer Security Day’ in Azerbaijan is to highlight problems in the field of information security, to draw the attention of the international community to issues of cyber security and information security, and to report on research and achievements in this area. AzScienceNet, the Azerbaijanian national research network, supported an online event dedicated to Computer Security Day that was held at the Institute of Information Technology of the Azerbaijanian National Academy of Sciences (IIT of ANAS) on 29 November 2021. 

Speaking at the online event, Vice-President of ANAS, Director General of the Institute, Academician Rasim Alguliyev said that the dissemination of information about various threats associated with the rapid development of information technology in modern times has made it necessary to take certain measures against them.

This is beyond the capabilities of one country,  so it is necessary to take certain legal, technological and other complex measures to combat these threats at the international level, and to attract the attention of business companies and international organisations to existing problems.”

Rasim Alguliyev, IIT of ANAS, Director General

Babak Nabiyev, Head of AzScienceNet Network Management Center, introduced a report on ‘Problems and solutions of intellectual analysis of cyber incidents in the context of industry 4.0 challenges’. He explained the history, relevance and main problems of cybersecurity and said that the penetration of the Internet, network and computer technologies, and the overall cyber environment into society and critical infrastructure has led to serious problems.

Many steps have been taken to ensure cybersecurity, including technological solutions, such as software, complex hardware, and instructions for non-technological solutions. However, each of them requires human resources or is directly related to individuals.”

Babak Nabiyev, AzScienceNet Network Management Center, Head
The Computer Security Day online event, ©AzScienceNet

Senior researchers and Associate Professors of IIT of ANAS, Ramiz Shikhaliyev, Lyudmila Sukhostat and Fargana Abdullayeva delivered presentations on ‘Monitoring of security of industrial management systems’, ‘An approach based on the hierarchical hidden Markov model for the detection of anomalies in cyber-physical systems’  and on ‘Symbol ranking method for detection of cyber-attacks on cloud services’.

Computer Security Day is an annual event celebrated at the end of November. It is designed to raise awareness and encourage people to secure the personal information stored on their computers. Every year on this day, various institutions of ANAS, as well as the Institute of Information Technology hold events dedicated to the current scientific problems of information security.