AzScienceNet, on behalf of the research and education community of Azerbaijan, took part in the Human Brain Project Summit that took place in Marseille, France in March this year. The Azerbaijani NREN was represented by Rasim Alguliyev, IIT General Director.

Almost 700 researchers from 27 countries met in the picturesque city of Marseille, France to discuss the current state and the future of digital brain research. The main objective of the participation in the Summit was to get acquainted with ongoing research on digital brain research and learn from the various experiences of different participating organisations.


“Azerbaijan’s research and higher education institutions should start prioritising research at the intersection of artificial intelligence, neuro and cognitive sciences. The participation, in this field, of Azerbaijani scientists in international multidisciplinary human brain research projects and training, of highly qualified universities and research centres personnel in Azerbaijan and abroad is vital”, said Rasim Alguliyev when reporting on his Summit participation at the Academy of Science (ANAS) Presidium meeting.


The ten-year European Flagship HBP links brain research with computing and technology in large-scale, interdisciplinary approach. Solving brain problems with the application of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies and improving and developing artificial intelligence technologies based on brain functions are the main goals of the project. The event featured advanced services and modern technologies available in the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure, the latest innovations in brain research, as well as a number of important achievements in the field of artificial intelligence-based technologies in Europe.