Two partners in the Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project expanded their skills in crisis management at a workshop for national research and education networks (NRENs) from around Europe. ASNET-AM and GRENA, the Armenian and Georgian NRENs, sent staff to the first ‘CLAW’ Crisis Management workshop, where they participated in a crisis exercise.

‘CLAW’ was organised by GÉANT as a part of its Community Programme. The event aimed to develop the crisis management plans and skills of individual NRENs and the way the NREN community as a whole can deal with a larger European cyber / network crisis.

The workshop was attended by representatives of European scientific networks. In general, the concepts of ‘crisis’ in its various forms were examined and how to overcome them. Two practical sessions were held, with discussions in breakout groups on overcoming the emerging crisis situations in the network. There was also a lecture on how not to succumb to ‘stress’ in such situations and how to work on yourself.

As a result of the meetings of both days, it was decided that templates and general recommendations from the discussions would be drawn up and sent to all event participants. This information will also be published for the entire GÉANT community and will contribute overcoming crisis situations at the community level.

The workshop helped the ASNET-AM and GRENA representatives to prepare for dealing with unexpected failures that can occur and which can disrupt business continuity. The organisations express gratitude to the EaPConnect project and to GÉANT for providing this new opportunity.

CLAW was held in Malaga, Spain on 20-21 November.