This dissemination event is organised by RENAM as part of a series of national events in the domain of open science, organised under the NI4OS-Europe (National Initiatives for Open Science in Europe) project. This event on 22 April 2021 is specifically for participants from Moldova.

The main goal of the dissemination event is to inform national stakeholders about the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) initiative and its aspects, NI4OS-Europe overall project objectives and activities, support for services on-boarding to EOSC, setting up National OSC Initiatives, importance of Open Science policies and open research data management. The target group includes national service providers, e-infrastructure experts, institutional repository management, academia and research communities, librarians, as well as representatives from industry and SMEs.

The event is organised by the Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova (RENAM), as the NI4OS-Europe project partner, with support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, the National Agency for Research and Development and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. NI4OS-Europe project comprises 22 partners from 15 countries, supporting the establishment of the National OSC Initiatives in the participating countries, promoting the FAIR data principles and providing technical and policy support for on-boarding of service providers into EOSC, including generic services (compute, data storage, data management), thematic services, repositories and data sets.

This event will be held online, 13:00 – 16:00 (Chișinău time), being supported by NI4OS-Europe Training Platform.

Please note that this event will be recorded and will be made available to registered participants for future use.

View preliminary agenda of the event and register to participate: