The history of the National Science Library of Georgia shows the evolution of libraries from repositories of books to open science forerunners. Together with 4 million printed books the National Science Library offers a wide range of open electronic infrastructures including an open-source online catalogue,, an open journals system-based platform,, an open source system repository of non-scientific resources, and, the first open source and open access library repository of scientific works in Georgia.
Such evolution could not have been possible without the support of GRENA, the National Research and Education Network of Georgia providing reliable connectivity and services geared to meet the requirements of the Research and Education community in the country.
This event aims to emphasise the role and function of libraries in the development of science. In the digital age, offering open e-infrastructures has become an important aspect of libraries, and the event aims to explore this topic from different aspects. In addition, this workshop aims to bring together representatives from different countries who are working on developing e-infrastructures for the scientific community or are already managing them. In the welcoming setting of the National Science Library of Georgia participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, plan future partnerships, develop ideas and start building an international community.

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For further information, please contact Neringa Jackevice

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