The workshop will dive into the GN5-1 Project, where participants can explore the transformative power of virtualisation techniques and effective monitoring strategies in enhancing network infrastructures.

Network professionals, administrators and researchers from NRENs are invited to attend and gain a deeper understanding of the potential of virtualisation technologies and monitoring opportunities within the context of NRENs.

One of the workshop’s focuses will be Network Management as a Service (NMaaS), offering a portfolio of network management applications hosted as dedicated per-user instances in the cloud.

The workshop will feature an immersive WiFiMon experience, where participants will explore the comprehensive features and capabilities of GÉANT’s WiFiMon service. WiFiMon empowers users to monitor and analyse WiFi network performance in real time, providing valuable insights into signal strength, link quality, bit rate, and other technical parameters. Through interactive exercises and demonstrations, participants will gain practical experience utilising WiFiMon to manage and optimise WiFi network performance proactively.

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