Security experts from GRENA, the Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association, won first place in this year’s CYBER-EXE – cyber exercises for representatives of public and private organisations.

CERT.GOV.GE – the governmental Computer Emergency Response Team of the Data Exchange Agency under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia – organised CYBER-EXE Georgia 2018, with the support of GRENA, the NATO-Georgia Professional Development Programme and Huawei. CERT.GOV.GE is affiliated with TF-CSIRT, the GÉANT community’s task force on computer security and response activities.

Opening the event on 6 December were the Deputy Head of NATO Liaison Office in Georgia Ms. Pirit Pikker and the Deputy Minister of Justice Mikheil Sarjveladze.

Cybersecurity is one of the main challenges of the 21st century. Raising the country’s cybersecurity level is treated as one of the major priorities by the Georgian government. The Data Exchange Agency has accomplished and is currently developing a number of important projects in this direction. To keep the cybersecurity level at its highest point, it is essential for public and private organisations to employ well-trained personnel with relative experience and skills. With this perspective, CYBER-EXE Georgia 2018 is a very important event enabling participants to experience real-modeled cybersecurity incidents and overcome potential threats.”

Mikheil Sarjveladze, Deputy Minister of Justice, Georgia


CYBER-EXE Georgia 2018 was the 5th time this event has been held, aiming to prepare IT professionals from public and private sectors for cyber-attacks in crisis situations, to analyse each team’s strengths and weaknesses and to make recommendations on how to improve their skills.

Twenty teams of three people prepared in advance for the event’s security exercises, which dealt with specific tasks. Each team was given a ‘secret’ number so they could see their position and their number of points; the final ranking published the secret numbers and not the teams’ names, so during the event they remained anonymous.

The GRENA team took first place based on points.

Further information

GRENA has been developing its cybersecurity activities in recent years. During an EaPConnect project workshop in June 2018 the organisation presented an overview of these activities, which included supporting the national ‘Cyber Cube’ Olympiad in May. More recently GRENA announced the launch of a new online portal for cybersecurity training.